Goodnight Moon…..Our journey to the moon is complete and now we are moving on to our next investigation:

5th Graders will be exploring our solar system when we return from Thanksgiving break.  They will classify planets by their various properties and be able to record and display the organization of the solar system graphically.   We will then move on to learning about some of the 88 constellations.


Happy Thanksgiving

Thank You!

Dear Fifth Grade Families:

This is a heartfelt thank you for all of the donated canned goods and money for the Food Bank and for the church’s pantry.  It is so important that the students feel a part of this opportunity to help others.  There was a total of over 6,000 cans and dollars collected.  This should go a long way in helping others who are not as fortunate.  Thank you again!

Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving!

Ms. Patti Garcia


A Couple of Reminders

Dear Fifth Grade Families:

I know everyone is so busy this time of year.  I just wanted to give you a heads-up on a couple of dates to keep in mind.

  1.  Thank you to everyone who has so generously donated to our canned food drive for the Food Bank and the church’s pantry.  Our goal was 100% participation, and we are almost there!  The last day to bring in either canned goods or money is Monday.
  2. Our Qwest #1 vocabulary test for Hatchet will be on Tuesday, November 20.  Students have made their vocabulary flash cards and should have been studying.
  3. Our Social Studies Chapter 6 test will be November 27.  We have definitions for the vocabulary, Chapter Review questions answered, and have read all of the chapter.  Students should be reviewing all of this plus their Practice Books.
  4. There will not be a Spelling unit next week as it is such a short week.

Thank you for all you do!

Ms. Patti Garcia

Week of November 5

Dear Fifth Grade Families:

I have just a couple of quick reminders for you:

  1.  Social Studies Chapter 5 test will be given tomorrow.
  2. Our canned food drive started today and will run until Monday, November 19.  Any canned or dry goods or money will be gladly accepted.
  3. Friday is Field Day.  Field Day t-shirts will go home on Wed. or Thurs.  There is noon dismissal on that day.
  4. The first trimester ends on Friday.

Thank you to those who sent in pictures for our altar.  I loved seeing them and hearing their stories.

Ms. Patti Garcia

Happy Halloween

Dear Fifth Grade Families:

I have a few reminders for this week’s activities.

Books logs will be due on Thursday, November 1.  All books read during October should be listed, and the pages read should be totaled.

Costumes may be worn on Wednesday.  Please make sure that it is a costume that can be worn all day.  No masks or face coverings please.  Also no props like guns or swords.  If your child does not want to wear their costume all day, they may also wear a Halloween t-shirt or their regular uniform.

In celebration of Dia de los Muertos, we will have an altar set up in our classroom.  If you would like to add pictures of relatives or friends who have passed away, please send in a picture to be placed on our altar.  Dia de los Muertos chapel will be on Friday.  It is a wonderful chapel to honor our relatives who are no longer living.

Students should be studying for our Chapter 5 Social Studies to be given on November 6.  We have talked about spending 10-15 minutes a day reviewing all of their notes and vocabulary as well as the three lessons in the chapter.

Monday, November 5 we will begin our canned food drive for the Community Food Bank as well as for our church food bank.  I thought I would give you a little heads up so when grocery shopping you can pick up a few extra canned goods or boxed foods.  This is such a worthwhile project that the school does, and our goal is to have 100% participation.  Money is also gladly accepted.

Thanks for all you do!

Ms. Patti Garcia


New Unit  – Sun, Moon and Planets

This week, students will trace their shadows in the morning and afternoon. They use this information to monitor the position of the Sun as it moves across the sky. After using a compass to orient a Sun tracker, students make hourly records of the position of the shadow cast by a golf tee. Back in the classroom, students will  use flashlights to reproduce the shadow movements. Students imagine an observer on Earth (their head) and position themselves around a lamp to observe day and night. They discover that rotation of Earth produces day and night.

Get ready for moon observations.  Look for their Moon Journal to come home…..

Week of October 22

Dear Fifth Grade Families:

This should be a relatively low-key week.  We will be having our special docent from the Tucson Museum of Art visiting us on Tuesday.  Last time the students looked at Claude Monet’s art.  This time I believe it will be Picasso.  They will then complete a painting “in the style of” that artist.  We are so fortunate to have Mrs. Scovil visiting us.

Some students presented their Haiku in chapel.  We wrote these last week for National Writing Day and also helped our 2nd grade buddies write theirs.  It was a fun lesson and the students produced beautiful finished products.

Ask your child about the book we are reading this month.  It is called “Amal Unbound,” and everyone seems to be enjoying it.  It is about a young girl who lives in Pakistan and is desparately trying to overcome many obstacles so she can receive an education.  It is a beautifully written, compelling story and is part of the Global Read Aloud program.  There are many schools reading this same book, and we hope to correspond with them via postcards and Skype.

Enjoy your week!

Ms. Patti Garcia

Science Quiz

We are wrapping up our Living Systems unit, concluding with transport systems in humans and plants.

There will be a 10 question, multiple choice quiz on Monday, October 22.  There is a diagram of the heart that they will have to label, but other than that it’s multiple choice.

A study guide went home today and we reviewed it in class.

Dr. Juneman will be here on Friday, October 19 to present about the heart.  The information she presents will NOT be on the quiz.

We will be moving on to our Astronomy Unit next!

Week of October 15

Dear Fifth Grade Families:

I hope everyone enjoyed their break!  It was nice to have some down time and sleep in a bit.

Tomorrow is our Chapter 4 Social Studies test.  We will then begin the next chapter which will be focusing on the New England colonies.  There is lots to learn about the 13 colonies.

Wednesday we will be having the Tucson Symphony’s brass and percussion ensemble perform for grades 3-5 here at school.  This is always an enjoyable performance, and we look forward to it.

Friday is the National Day of Writing so we will be dedicating some time to writing school-wide.  We will work with our 2nd grade buddy class and help them with a writing project.

Friday evening is Coffee Cabaret.  The beginning choir will perform as well as the middle school choir.  This begins at 7:00 p.m.  The performers should plan to be here at 6:30.

Please make sure your child’s jacket/sweater is labeled.  We are already accumulating unlabeled outerwear!

Ms. Patti Garcia

Week of October 1

Dear Fifth Grade Families:

Happy October 1!  I can’t believe that September is over.  It seems like it flew by.

Here are a couple of reminders for the week.  We will be having our last Qwest #3 on Thursday, October 4.   It will be the last Qwest for “Sing Down the Moon,” and there will also be some very general questions about the story.

Our Social Studies Chapter 4 test will be Tuesday, October 16 after break.  They will have all of their study materials with them over break.  They can also get their textbooks through my blog.  This makes it easier than carrying around that 10 pound book!

Progress reports will go home on Wednesday in the Eagle Express.  I encourage families to sit down and set some goals for the remaining trimester which ends November 9.  There is plenty of time to bring up grades  if needed.

As the weather may start to turn cooler (thank goodness!), I am reminding everyone that the only school acceptable sweaters and jackets are to be solid red, navy, or white with no contrasting trim, logos, or zippers.  St. Michael’s logo is the only acceptable logo.  Please remember to label your child’s jacket/sweater.  We donate mounds of these to charities when they are without names.

Have a great week!

Ms. Patti Garcia