Lots of Dates to Remember!!

Dear Fifth Grade Families:

Here are some of our upcoming dates:

March 21     Heritage posters are due

March 21     Poem is to be completely memorized

March 22    Step-up Day

March 23    Heritage Night 5:30-6:30

March 27    Qwest #2 quiz for My Brother Sam is Dead

March 28    Declamation Day in the Parish Center 1:30-3:15

Your student should have these important items written in their assignment books, but it is always good when parents have a heads-up on some of these dates.  These last few weeks of school are extremely busy, and we will have a lot to remember.

If you have any questions about anything, feel free to stop in.


Ms. Patti Garcia


Today, students determined the relative concentrations of three mystery salt solutions (the most concentrated and the most dilute) by comparing equal volumes on a balance. More concentrated solutions have a greater mass.

Later this week, students will  observe that a mass piece sinks in one liquid and floats in another, because the liquids are different densities. Armed with the knowledge that less dense objects float on more dense liquids, students investigate four salt solutions to discover which is more concentrated based on how they layer.

Social Studies Test, Poem, Heritage Project

Dear Fifth Grade Families:


Chapter 7 Social Studies test is tomorrow.  I hope you have seen your child studying for this.

Heritage Project due date is also tomorrow for the languages and form of government.  This should be listed in their Social Studies spiral.

Poem memorization will be an ongoing process.  The first few lines were required to be memorized by today.

Please remember to send back your child’s report card envelope with your signature on it.




A couple of reminders:

  • Free pancake lunch on Tuesday
  • Book logs due on Wednesday morning.  Must include a total of pages read
  • Ash Wednesday
  • First deadline for Heritage Project due on Thursday
  • Poems for Declamation Day due on Friday
  • Report cards go home on Friday–time to set new goals!
  • Our value of the month is perseverance

Trimester Ends, Rodeo Break

Dear Fifth Grade Families:

There are a couple of reminders this week.  Our “Hatchet” final is on Thursday.  This will include vocabulary from Qwest #3.  Our trimester ends on Friday.  That means we have only one more trimester in the year.  Unbelievable!!

Please remind your student to update their reading logs.  They will be due on Wednesday March 1.  If your child is behind in their reading, Rodeo break is the perfect time to catch up.

We will be giving out information about the upcoming Heritage project.  Your child will receive a packet with very specific due dates.  We have done this to help your child learn to prioritize for projects and long term assignments.  Part of their grade will be on whether or not they have met each specific date.  It might be helpful if they could write their due dates down on a family calendar.  They will have them written in their assignment books, but an additional reminder may be helpful.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Ms. Patti Garcia

Dates to Know!!!!!

Dear Fifth Grade Families:

As we come close to the end of the trimester, there are many dates we need to keep in mind.

February 7             “Hatchet” movie will be shown in the afternoon.  Students may bring an extra snack to eat during the movie.

February 8            Childsplay will be performing “The Grumpiest Boy in the World” here at school.

February 9            Math test (new date).

February 10         Survival Kits are due.  The instructions went home last Friday.

February 13          Chapter 6 Social Studies test/Science Fair week begins with the Edible Car Contest (instructions on the St. Michael’s website) at morning chapel.

February 14          Valentine’s Day – Students may exchange Valentines with our class and the other class if they would like.  If Valentines are given to one person in a class then they must be given to EVERYONE in the class.  This is a day of love and sharing so we want to make sure there are no hurt feelings.

February 16          “Hatchet” final including the Qwest 3 vocabulary.  Mrs. Scovil from the Tucson Museum of Art will be here in the afternoon.

February 17          Trimester ends.

February 18          Rodeo break begins!

I will have students write all of these dates down in their assignment books, but I wanted everyone to be aware of this fast and furious next two weeks.  It will go by quickly, and we all need to know what to expect.

If you have any questions, please see me.

Thanks for helping your student stay organized!

Ms. Patti Garcia


Spanish News!

The fifth graders have just finished their unit on “los pronombres” which helped them to learn the pronouns in Spanish. We are now moving into the middle school Spanish book where we start off with a quick review of our past chapters we have already learned. ¡Hasta luego!

Math-a-thon Pledges, 6th Grade Info Night, the Play!

Dear Fifth Grade Families:

All pledges are due by Friday.   They all seemed excited on Friday morning when they were given the test.  Students all did very well on the math “quiz.”

There are a few reminders for the week.  On Wednesday (this date was changed) 5th grade parents are invited to meet in the 6th grade area to talk with the teachers who will teach your children next year.  Come with all your questions about anything you or your child may have for next year.  The teachers will tell you about their program as well as things like changing classes, traveling groups, lockers, electives, etc.  This will be from 5-6 p.m. Aftercare will remain open until 6 p.m. if you need a place for your child to stay.

The play “Beauty and the Beast” will be performed Friday and Saturday evening at 7 p.m. and Sunday at 2 p.m.  Tickets are available in front of the school in the morning and after school. They are also available on line.  It’s a performance you won’t want to miss.  Both Lila Smith and Ella Healy are performers.

Social Studies tests will go home on Wednesday.  Make sure you  go over it with your student.

There will be no intramurals this week as the Student Center is being used for the play.  Intramurals will resume next week.

Ms. Patti Garcia