Week of January 14

Dear Fifth Grade Families:

We are enjoying having a relatively low-key week.  It should be “business as usual.”

We will be looking forward to our Spelling Bee on Friday.  Preston Miller and Kallista Favre will be representing 5A.  Thomas Walsh will be the alternate.  We wish them all the best.  The Bee is at 8:06 in the Student Center.  They will be competing against 4th, 6th, 7th, and 8th graders.

Next Monday we will be off of school celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr. We will all look forward to a three day weekend.

Enjoy your week!

Ms. Patti Garcia


Students did very well on their final test for our Sun, Moon and Planets unit.  I have already graded them and gave them to their teachers.

We are moving on to our next area of study:  Mixtures and Solutions.  I will be sending home a letter in the Eagle Express detailing this new unit.  Here is a short summary of what they will be doing next week:

Students will make mixtures of water and solid materials and separate the mixtures with screens and filters. They then find that water and salt make a special kind of mixture, a solution, which cannot be separated with a filter but only through evaporation. Students are then challenged with a problem: how to separate a mixture of three dry solid materials. The investigation concludes with students going outdoors to see what natural materials make solutions with water.


Have a wonderful weekend.


Lisa Jamsion

Parent Conferences

Dear Parents:

I am sending a reminder in case you have not had an opportunity to sign up for conferences which began today.  I have a sign-up sheet in my room.  If you don’t have time to stop in, just email me and I can send you a couple of options.  I look forward to chatting with everyone as we go over your child’s Progress Report.

Thank you!

Ms. Patti Garcia

Happy 2019!

Dear Fifth Grade Families:

I hope your break was wonderful and relaxing!  Thank you all so much for your generosity.  I received wonderful Christmas presents and was so touched by your kindness.

We are starting a new book tomorrow.  We will be reading Rules by Cynthia Lord.  It will be the same format of looking up vocabulary words and answering questions on each chapter.  We will still be practicing citing text evidence in our answers.

We are also starting our Social Studies chapter on the American Revolution.  We will reinforce concepts learned by watching the Liberty Kids series.

Progress reports will be handed out at parent conferences.  I will have a sign up sheet available in my room starting tomorrow.  If you have a chance, stop in to sign up for a conference.  If you don’t have time to come in, let me know and I can email you some options.  I look forward to chatting with everyone.

I am looking forward to a new year with your children. We have lots to look forward to!

Ms. Patti Garcia


Happy New Year!

We will finish our unit on the Solar System with a test this Friday, January 11.  A short review will take place on Wednesday, January 9.

A new year brings a new unit.  We will be starting our Mixtures and Solutions module next week.  THIS is what they have all been waiting for: The mixing! The solutions!   I will send a letter home with a summary of the unit next week also.


Please contact me with any questions, thank you!


Dear Fifth Grade Families:

Thank you so much for your generosity for Youth on Their Own.  Between the 4th and 5th grades we are able to take them about 70-75 gift cards.  I am sure they will be so thankful and pleased.  Thank you for encouraging your child to participate.

Tomorrow we will be having our Chapter 7 Social Studies test.  I see a notable difference in the study skills of the class.  I am hoping that this test will be further proof that they are finding the right individual way to prepare for a test.  Thank you for helping them with this.  It’s a lifelong skill to be able to prepare for a test.

Friday will be a very busy day.  We have the Geography Bee first thing in the morning.  We will have a Mexican lunch provided for all students in celebration of Las Posadas.  The Las Posadas procession will begin at 1:40 with Lessons and Carols following it.  The ceremony is usually over about 3:00.  If parents are present, I will release kids a little early.  If they are not present I will keep them in the classroom until the usual dismissal time.  There will be no aftercare on Friday.

Thank you for all that you do.

Ms. Patti Garcia

Thank you!

Dear 5th Grade Families:

Many thanks to all of you who have generously given gift cards for Youth on Their Own as well as those of you who sent in eggs for our Casa Maria program.  The Youth on Their Own program will continue until Monday, December 17.  You are all appreciated very much.  We talked about how important it is to make a difference in other people’s lives.  Thank you so much for your participation in this important lesson.

With St. Nicholas Day out of the way (such a great performance!), we will still have a very busy week.  Mrs. Scovil, the Museum of Art docent, will be in tomorrow to work again with the kids.  Everyone enjoys her lessons and the project they will be doing with her.

On Friday we will be having our last vocabulary test (10 words) and an assessment on Hatchet.  We will not be starting another novel study until after Christmas.

On Friday we are also looking forward to our Virgin of Guadalupe chapel.  This is another beautiful story, and we always enjoy this chapel.

Thank you again!

Ms. Patti Garcia

One More Request

Dear Fifth Grade Families:

Thank you to those who have sent in gift cards for Youth on Their Own teenagers.  It will be very much appreciated by these kids.

Congratulations to Preston Miller, Oliver Lewis, and Valerie Norman.  They were our Soar with the Eagles winners and will have a pizza lunch with Mr. Sullivan tomorrow.  Eagles slips are given for various things including helping out or “going that extra mile” for teachers or other students.

I do have one more request.  I know it is such a busy time of year, but once a year each grade is asked to bring in peeled, hard-boiled eggs for Casa Maria.  Casa Maria is a local organization that feeds the needy.  The parishioners here make egg salad sandwiches for Casa Maria to distribute.  Included in the brown bag lunch are two sandwiches, a piece of fruit, and a cookie.  We are asking each fifth grade student to bring in one dozen eggs by Friday so that these sandwiches can be made on Friday evening.

Tomorrow we will be having our 2nd vocabulary test for Hatchet.  We will have one more vocabulary and assessment test when we are finished with our book.  I do not have a date set for this, but I will keep everyone informed.

Friday is our Holiday Program.  You have received information from Dr. Antista about clothing for the performance.  Students have been working hard for this performance, and it should get us in the holiday spirit.  The performance is at 2 p.m.

Thank you for your generosity in supporting all of our charitable community programs.  It sends such an important message to our students that each of us can help in some small way.

Ms. Patti Garcia


Reading Logs/Vocabulary Test Reminder

Dear Fifth Grade Families:

This is just a reminder that Reading Logs are due on Monday, December 3.  The logs should be totaled for the month, and it should be noted if a book was not finished.  The pages of the unfinished book can be added to the log.

There will be a vocabulary test on Tuesday for the 2nd set of 20 words from Hatchet.  They should know the definitions, parts of speech, and useage of the word in a sentence.

Thank you!

Only 4 more weeks until Christmas!!

Dear Fifth Grade Families:

I am hoping that everyone enjoyed Thanksgiving with their families and friends.

We are on the countdown-only 4 more weeks until Christmas and we have much to accomplish.  We continue reading our novel Hatchet.  Our vocabualry Qwest #2 will be December 4.  We have made our vocabulary cards and should be learning 3 or 4 definitions daily.  The stories about their birth will be due Wednesday.  Their Science quiz will be on Friday.

Our Christmas giving project information will go home in the Eagle Express.  We will be supporting Youth  on Their Own which is an organization that helps homeless teens get through high school.  We are asking for gift cards from certain stores (the list will be on the Wednesday flyer).  So if you are out and can pick up a gift card, it will help make a teen’s Christmas special.  It can be any denomination.  We are looking for 100% participation for this organization that does so many wonderful things to help these teens.

Chapter 6 Social Studies will be tomorrow.  We will then begin our studies of the Southern Colonies.

Ms. Patti Garcia